Today I decided to be brave – December 2016

Today I decided to be brave; I confronted my professor with the fact that he uses offensive language and asked him why he does that. This conversation took place after I got some advice on my essay. He asked me to sit down. And I listened. So many words and remarks I’ve heard before.

‘It’s part of a historical context, why are people changing original texts, you should have a certain distance in the field, there are objective people in the world’. My response: I am who I am. I can’t distance myself from the place I study. Is it weird for me to ask if I can study in a safe environment? Why can’t people see that if someone’s hurting because of the things you say, that you shouldn’t say these things?

Why isn’t, I’m hurting, enough to legitimize a feeling? People aren’t mathematical equations, reducible, predicable and definable. ‘Don’t let others label you, rise above the classifications’. Of course I do, I am not a victim but I have a voice. When I feel that something isn’t right I will say so, at least I will try. While I write this, the words don’t quite correspond to how I feel. Nevertheless, I have learned something yet again, don’t let anybody tell you how to feel. Be brave, be bold. Tell your story just the way you like it.